How to Teach Your Dog to Spin

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I use Natural Balance Rolls cut into one bite treats. The treats have a good scent, taste, and are good for your dog. Remember to keep them bite sized.

It is important that your dog is paying attention and making eye contact. I warm Bubba up with a look at me exercise using a treat.

I use this exercise as a warm up. Give the look at me command and then lift you hand with a treat in your fingers to or three times tossing the treat on the last lift. Remember to reward your dog

To teach the spin have your dog sit in front of you and giving you his or her complete attention. Hold a treat in front of his nose and move it in a counter clock wise motion giving the spin command.

As she stands and begins to turn keep the treat close to her nose and continue the counter clock wise motion.

Keep the treat moving and close to his nose.

Continue with the motion and repeat the spin command.

When the spin is completed give the treat and the verbal reward. It is important to keep the treat close to the dogs nose in the beginning.

Take a look at the complete sequence. The last step is to eliminate the treat and use only the verbal command

Practice and your dog can perform this trick. Next time we will work on learning to bow.

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