How to Make Soda Tab Bracelets

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This is a bad picture of what it should look like

Gather your supplies

Cut two pieces of ribbon, the same length about ten inches (give or take) I do them a bit long in just in case

Tape the ends of both ribbons. This makes it so it's easier to thread and won't snag as much

Gather your tabs. (I use twenty) place two on the bottom and one on top like above

This is where it gets a little tricky. Your going to thread the ribbon through the top one onto the first bottom one. Then thread it through the second and up n out of the top one again.

Its easier if you keep it on a flat surface so they don't go flying everywhere. Leave some extra ribbon hanging off the end. This'll be your bow

Now you're going to add another one on top. Just place the tab next to your cluster (without threading it through just yet) and THEN you do the same pattern

Do the same thing with the rest of the tabs, alternating between putting one on top then one on the bottom.

This is the finishing top row

Once you're done with the top part of the tabs you get to do it again with the bottom! Try to match your extra ribbon with the other strand.

Horrible picture but viola! You just made your bracelet. Almost done :)

Tie your extra ribbons with a double knot on both sides

Cut off your taped ends.

Wrap it around your wrist and tie it off. You might need someone to help you

Some people (me) use a safety pin to hold the ends together so I don't lose it. Enjoy!

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