How to Make Roasted Pepper & Tomato Tagliatelle

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Roast some cherry toms ...

... The pepper is normally burnt and skinned.

One thinly sliced carrot

Roughly this much chorizo nicely sliced. Its really up to you how much or if you add/replace it with chicken.

Oh, imporant. One onion sliced. You may also want some garlic sliced too.

Chuck onions in with garlic with olive oil. Be generous with the olive oil. It sweetens the onions.

Once onions are gorgeous add those carotts.

some herbs can be nice at this point. Oregano and bay are my choice.

Slice the pepper up and keep this lot ready and waiting. They're next up.

Grab half a tin of chopped tomatoes.

Now chuck it all in the pan when the carrots are becoming see through.

Slice some mushrooms up

And add this and your chorizo to the pan. If you are using chicken, it really needs to be seared or cooked before it goes in at this point.

Lets not forget the pasta. Cook any type you want in boiling water and a touch of salt.

Once the pasta is done, the sauce will be thick and heavy. Drain the pasta and chuck it in. Mix it around...

... and add some parmesan , or any cheese if you fancy some.

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