How to strengthen my core

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Plank is an amazing core strengthening pose! Let's go ahead and hold it for 15 slow deep breaths

Now move your right knee to your right elbow! Hold :)

Now take that next step and bring your knee to your arm pit! You are strong :) hold until you are shaking and then hold a few more breaths! This is where growth happens- do left side now!

Using your sit bones stabilize your bottom on the floor, engage your core, straighten your back and lift your legs and torso, squeeze your body like you are trying to bring your chest to your thighs

Now lower down almost all the way, but keep chest and legs raised and then come back up to the previous position (boat pose) ! Repeat this five times, keep slow deep nose breathing !

These are some of the most powerful core poses! Do not give up when you are holding them, focus on your deep breath and feel the sensation. You will get stronger by doing this!

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