How to use head motions in ios 7

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In this guide, you will learn how to control parts of your iOS device with movements of your head: NOTE: this requires iOS 7

Tap settings



Switch Control

Turn Switch Control on

Please note: Setting does warn you that the controls will differ if Switch Control is on, however, I have not experienced any changes other than the ones I have implemented.

Tap Add New Switch

Tap Camera

Chose the way that you would like to move your head to activate control. There can be one for each.

Pick the control from the menu of options.

The blue highlighting will occur, but other then the look of the device, it does not change anything that I have found.

To turn the Switch Controls off, simply tap the button off.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide, I hope you enjoy playing with head controls. Feedback is appreciated, thanks.

Watch the video: Control iOS 7 by Moving Your Head: iPad Today 155

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