How to cook chili con carne

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Gather your ingredients: Beans

Minced Meat

Pasta(your choice on what type)

Red Capsicums

One Tomato


On low heat, cook the minced meat

Dice onions

Add the onions to the minced meat

Dice up capsicums

Dice tomatoes

Collect herbs of your choice

Put the Tomatoes and Capsicums in

Put the herbs and spices in

Get beef stock ready

When you first put the minced meat in you should put you pasta into boiling water while your waiting for the meat to develope colour

Add in the Pasta...

Add in the Beef Stock

Keep stirring

Add your beans in when the chilli has become thick and the beef stock is mostly gone.

Get your plate ready

Leave your beans in for a few minutes; you just want the beans to get warm

Drain your Pasta and put it into a plate.

Put the chilli on top of it and mix.

Eat up :)

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