How to smoke the best turkey ever!

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Begin with your thawed turkey!

Loosen the skin around the turkey as much as you can.

Slice the butter into slats or pieces.

Coat the butter in lemon pepper or any desired seasoning.

Stick the slats of butter under the skin on both sides of the turkey.

Make sure the turkey is breast side up when you are finished.

Use toothpicks as needed to pull together and secure any torn skin.

Get the marinade you will be using and fill the syringe. We used Tony Chachere's Butter & Jalapeño Marinade. It is NOT hot at all once the turkey is smoked! It is just VERY moist and tasty!

Inject the marinade all over both sides of turkey. (Legs and wings too!)

Use almost the entire bottle for injecting the turkey. Save about 1/4 cup.

Pour any remaining marinade directly into the cavity. Tuck the feet of the turkey into the loose skin to secure.

The internal temperature probe should be at 160 degrees in the meatiest part of the turkey breast. Smoke the 10 lb turkey for 30 minutes/ pound at 225 degrees. Or 18 minutes/pound at 275 degrees.

Your finished turkey!

Watch the video: Spatchcock Smoked Turkey Recipe

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