How to use heyday - the self writing visual journal app

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I like to pass along any good apps I find. I recently got this one called Heyday. It's free in the App Store. It automatically creates a photo/video journal for you. I'm very impressed with this app.

You don't really have to do anything. It'll just pull your photos and videos from your photos in your iPhone and put them on the day and location they where taken.

All the videos and photos taken in one day at one location will be displayed in that day.

If you didn't have locations turned on when a photo is taken you can tap the pencil icon to add the location or a note about that set of photos or videos.

You can also add images FX to your photos in the app.

And change the layout of a set of images.

To remove an image or video from a set. Just drag it to the remove box.

It'll also display your videos for the day and location it was taken. By the way. This was a good day. After my magic show I helped a guy propose to his girlfriend with magic. Cool memory.

You can open the calendar in the app and find your photos and videos by date. The purple dot indicates days that contain photos and/or videos.

Or you can just scroll down through the days from one group entry to the next.

A very nice image slide show will display on top of the app. It'll display them in random order.

If you tap the slide show it'll open in full screen mode. I love this because if I'm out with friends and leave my phone out on the table. They see my phone has a slide show screen saver like a PC.

Tap the date on the image slide show and you'll be able to jump right to that date. I love the slide show. Just let it run and memories will just keep coming to mind. A visual trip down memory lane.

Well that's really all there is to it. If you want it to track the location of your photos and videos make sure locations is turned on for your phones camera app. I just wanted to pass along the find.


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