How to make toffee

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Combine sugar and butter and heat on medium. Allow butter to begin to melt, stirring occasionally to combine.

The key is to bring the butter to melt slowly! Don't over stir.

Add your thermometer to begin monitoring. More importantly, watch the color change to light brown and them toffee brown as it chemically transforms.

Melting and getting darker....

Don't worry if it separates a little. But the goal is the butter and usage must combine!

Get the 1 cup of chopped almonds at the ready!

At 300 degrees add the 1 cup of raw chopped almonds. This will drop the temperature but standby - remove immediately at 305.

Raw almonds being stirred in

Spread evenly

Pour into three prepared cookie sheets. (Cookie sheets lined w/ foil). Use a spatula to spread evenly. Allow to cool a bit -enough that it won't stick and then cover with large sheet of foil to cool.

Beautiful after it cools a bit- cover with foil and allow it to cool further- if the kitchen is too hot, rest it outside?

Get your chocolate ready to melt- if you melt in the microwave be sure to melt slowly! Once melted, use quickly, as it's nearly impossible to re-melt!

Frost the cooled toffee with chocolate and sprinkle 1 &1/4 cup and roasted chopped nuts on top. Cover with foil and allow to cool. Then flip the entire thing- and do the same for the other side!

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