How to make a french to fishtail braid easy

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Brush and de-tangle hair

Take a large peice of hair of the top or your head

Take another peice from the side of your head, still holding the first peice

Repeat on other side, and start a normal braid

Then take another piece from the other side and add it to the other.

When you are around 1/3 down your hair put in a hair tie.

Now you can start your fishtail braid:)

To do a fishtail braid you split your hair into 2 different parts.

Take on small piece of hair from the end of one side.

Put the piece of hair to the other side

Continue to keep all of the pieces even.

Take out the hair tie that separates the French braid and the fishtail braid.

Now speed out the braid so that it blends in with the fishtail


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