How to move images/videos from any ipad to your dropbox

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Sometimes we need to move images and video clips from a student iPad, so that we can collate, mark them etc. This method needs no apps and is very very easy!

Setting up DB inbox in about 90 seconds.

In Safari, go to and link the applet to your Dropbox. Simply type in your Dropbox name and tap the add link with Dropbox button.

You will then asked to sign into your Dropbox. You only need to do this once to set up dbinbox!

Tap the blue allow button!

Here you will see your personal dbinbox link. Type this into Safari on all any iPad and upload content from the camera roll to your Dropbox. Think carefully before sharing this unique password!

Make a note of your dbinbox link. Put it somewhere safe!

Uploading text and images from someone else's iPad.

Type in the unique Dbinbox link into Safari on the student iPad. Tap "Go" on the keyboard... This page will appear. Tap on the camera roll and simply select the required files.

As they upload you will see this...once uploaded quit Safari and go to another device or computer.

Connect to your Dropbox on another device/computer. Here we are using the Dropbox app on another iPad. You will see a new folder called DB inbox. The uploaded files will be there.

Inside the DBinbox folder, Choose save and move them from your Dropbox to (in this case) your iPad!

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