How to cook spicy garlic salmon

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Let's make some sauce to marinate salmon. Add soy sauce in a container. About 2 cups or so depending on the amount of salmon you would like to marinate.

Add cooking wine. Any white wine or sake would work. Maybe about 2 big table spoons or so.

Then add brown sugar. Regular white sugar would also be fine too. About 2 big spoons or more.

Here comes the sriracha hot sauce!! I like it spicy so I'm adding some good amount. You can add red pepper or other hot sauce too if you like. If you don't like it spicy, you can skip this step.

Mix well and make sure the sugar is dissolved.

Add some garlic. You can grate them, fine chop or slice, whatever you like. I'm adding one clove of thick slices and chunks.

Add ginger. Just like garlic, you can grate, or fine chop. I'm adding fine chopped ginger I put in the freezer a few weeks earlier. They last long time in the freezer and become handy if you prep.

Mix well again.

Now add salmon to marinate. It's ok if the sauce doesn't completely covers the salmon.

Add some water just to cover the salmon completely. It gets too salty if you don't add water.

Let the salmon marinate over night. If you want to cook the salmon the same day, you can reduce the water and should be ready to cook in a few hours.

Next day: Salmon is ready to cook now!! Pan fry with skin side down. I don't use any oil, salmon has its natural oil so it's ok not to cook with any oil. If it's sticking to the pan, try sesame oil.

I'm gonna cook with the marinating sauce for more flavor but this is optional. I like to simmer with the juice.

You can cover the pan. Flip after a while to cook completely.

Done!! It is great with brown rice!! Tonight I'm eating with fresh steamed asparagus :) If you are not a fan of garlic or ginger you can cook without them, it's still yummy.

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