How to get rid of black ants with ceylon cinnamon oil

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First you need a bottle of Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil with high Eugenol content. Eugenol is the stuff that repels ants and all household insects.

Mix, spray and wipe all ant covered areas like kitchen counter tops. The ants will be gone within minutes. Use a fine spray mister bottle if you are spraying ant covered food like a cake.

Cinnamon Oil when diluted is not toxic. At 100% concentration like all essential oils it will irritate your skin. Kind of like if you smell or smear 100% chili powder on yourself. Dilute.

If you can take out you garbage can outside every evening so much the better.

Ideally you want a clutter free space under your sinks so insects don't get comfortable.

It's a good idea to mop you floors, baseboards and under counter edges with Cinnamon Oil so insect pathways are blocked.

Yes it's safe to eat any food sprayed with diluted (1%) Cinnamon Oil. Don't spray too much. All you need is a whiff and they will run. Remember to keep concentrated Cinnamon Oil away from children.

Remember only a whiff is necessary. No need to drown the fruit in Cinnamon spray. You don't want Cinnamon tasting Apples. Hey maybe that's a good combination. Maybe not. Use Cinnamon sugar for that.

Remove all the food in cupboards and spray Cinnamon Oil and wipe it down. We are lazy and spray one squirt of 100% Cinnamon Oil and close the door. It's strong. Maybe too strong. The Ants run.

Spray right around the house at all entry points so ants don't come in. Best is to the spray from inside the house so the Cinnamon oil will stick to a dry surface and remain for a while.

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