How to make chocolates dipped strawberries (heart shape)

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Wash and dry your strawberries. Remove the stems.

Cut your strawberry in half . Place cut side down.

Now put a toothpick like shown on the picture. This is to keep them in place until chocolate dries.

Now get your melting chocolate and melt in microwave. I do 30 seconds then 15 seconds until melted.

Stir chocolate to make sure it's all melted.

Nice and smooth, now we r ready to dip strawberries, grab strawberry through toothpick and cover with chocolate just the top side.

Put on wax paper and let dry. When it's dry remove toothpick.

I added a little extra red chocolate, just to make it prettier.

Or u can just dip strawberries in the chocolate, either way they r delicious.

And there u have it, enjoy!

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