How to make doughnut pillows

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I got my fleece fabric from this old bag .

I drew a circle using a lid

Like this. I've made palm size doughnuts you can make cushion size too.

Keep another lid in the middle for the hole

Cut it like this

Now glue the inner circle and outer circle. Make sure you leave a tiny space on the outer circle to stuff the doughnut

I stuffed it with a little cotton and a few rags. And my glue was opening a little so I stitched it up as you can see in the smaller circle,

And after stuffing, you can close the open part with glue or stitch it. I stitched it.

Like this.

And then I took another lilac fleece fabric and cut it like this for the icing and glued it down.

On another one I used a pink cotton fabric. And stuck it with fabric glue.

I still have to make the icing for the third. Also you can use small beads for sprinkles. I yet have to do that.

In the same way you can make really big pillows or throws.

I've done this using a drawing app. But when you stitch on beads. They should look cute like these.

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