How to make a decorative birdcage wire-sculpture

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Begin with wire, ruler, and pliers/wire cutters.

I included this picture to show the type of wire I am using. Any wire that you are able to bend easily will work.

I measured a foot of wire to make a birdcage roughly 5 inches tall.

You can make any size cage, just measure and cut 4 wires the same length.

Set the 4 wires aside and cut a smaller piece of wire to make a handle for the top of our cage.

Bend smaller wire in half, and twist.

Now wrap around the center of all 4 of the other pieces of wire simultaneously.

Twist it tightly holding all wires together.

Wrap loose ends up and around wires.

Twist until they are all wound up tightly.

Use pliers to really tighten the wires so they don't slip or wiggle.

Now bend the original 4 wires around until they radiate evenly from the handle you just made. I did this on a flat surface with the handle pointing up.

Use the bottom of a cup or cylindrical form to use as a mold for our birdcage shape.

Rest the wires on top with the handle facing up, and bend the radiating wires down the side of the cylinder.

Cut another piece of wire long enough to fit around the cylinder. Attach the two ends to make a circle that will fit.

I looped one end and inserted the other.


Use pliers to twist the wire around until it is secure.

Now, take the original set of wires and attach the end of each wire to the circle you just created.

Not very pretty yet, but we will shape it up.

Use pliers to tighten the connections.

Using you hands, stretch, smooth, straighten, and bend the wires till they resemble a birdcage.

Oh no! The bird can get out the bottom! Cut 3 more wires that are a little longer than the diameter of the circle.

Mine are roughly 5".

Stretch them across the circle and attach.

Now our bird can't get out!

I painted mine white for a more rustic look. Spray paint would be easiest.

Now let's make a bird. I'm using Sculpt-It, and air hardening clay. You can really make you bird out of anything.

I'm going to press some texture in the clay using found things.



Using a flat tool, like a butter knife, carve the shape of your bird. Mine is super simple and a little larger than a quarter. Mine is flat, but make yours however you want.

Sweet little bird.

Poke a hole in the top so you can hang it up. Allow it to dry completely. I poked a hole in the bottom to hang feet and then changed my mind.

After it Is dry, you may paint it. I am painting it with a dark color and then wiping it off before the paint dries to reveal the texture.

Use a tissue or rag to wipe off excess paint.

Here's the other side.

Now let's add some beads. Use some thin wire, or jewelry wire.

I've inserted the jewelry wire through the top hole of the bird and bent it upward.

Add a couple beads.

Use pliers to make a ring at the end of the wire so we can attach it to the cage.

Ready to attach.

I'm using some wire rings off a Brocken necklace to attach my bird. Use pliers to attach the bird to the cage.

I added about an inch of a broken necklace chain to add length to my bird.

All done!

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