How to cook plum jam

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Weigh 750 grams of plums

Weigh out 500 grams of sugar

Measure 375 millilitres of water

Squeeze a 1/4 of a cup of lemon juice

Slice up all the plums and leave the skin on

Add sliced plums with the water from the jug into a pan

Combine the sliced plums and water and gently simmer for 1 hour

Put the temperature to 120 degrees and sterilise jar for 20 minutes

Poor the lemon juice in and stir

Poor the sugar in gentle then stir

Simmer jam mixture for 45 minutes

Test jam mixture to see if it is set

Jam is set and is ready to be bottled

It is being put in the jar

The final product has been made and is ready to be stored or eaten

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