How to make emmies apple pie

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pre-heat oven 220c

peel apples

core apples

slice apples, keep thickness the same.

apples sliced in bowl.

ingredients for dry mix.

dry ingredients in bowl.

add apples to dry mix.

stir apples in with dry ingredients.

line pie dish with puff pastry.

cut edges of pastry to fit dish.

pour apple mix into pie dish.

apple mix in pie dish.

dot apples with butter.

cover apple mix with another sheet of pastry. I cut pastry to make lattice design.

topped pie with the letter E made out of pastry.

cover edges of pie with foil so edges of pie don't burn.

put into oven.

put timer onto 45 minutes.

when 15 minutes to go, take foil off edges of pie.

foil coming off pie.

when the buzzer goes off, get a mitten and take out pie off oven.

place the pie on a wooden board and eat when cooled with cream or ice cream.

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